Association Dermatology – Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

is a non-profit organization established on 03.01.2005 in Stara Zagora by the following persons:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Evgenia Hristakieva
Dr. Ivan Baldaranov
Dr. Tanya Gancheva
Dr. Rumyana Lazarova
Dr. Zhenya Troeva-Hristova
Dr. Maria Ganeva
Dr. Nadezhda Kavlak
Dr. Totka Chukalova
Dr. Siamand Baravi

Main objects:

  • Contribute to improving the health status of the Bulgarian citizens and the dermatologic care at all.
  • Facilitate access and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Dermatology and Venereology.
  • Promote and support the professional trainings of its members, the science research and information exchange in the field of Dermatology and Venereology.
  • Participate in the physicians’ qualifications being part of the system of post-graduate training.

Activities and ressources for achieving objects:

  • Participation and organization of scientific meetings, seminars, conferences, symposia, round table discussions, conferences, etc..
  • Publishing of books, newspapers, brochures, magazines and other promotional, informational and software services.
  • Participation in the public life by any means not prohibited by law.
  • Donations from individuals and legal entities, the membership fee of the Association members, revenues of business activities associated with the basic subjects of activity: research, publishing, consulting, expert, educational and training activities; dissemination of professional literature, tools and other materials required for the achieving of the Association’s objectives, as well as other activities allowed by law.
  • Providing cooperation and assistance to institutions and organizations in the country to achieve its goals, as well as constant consistency and synergy with the Bulgarian Medical Association, Bulgarian Dermatological Society and other professional and humanitarian organizations.


Prof. Dr. Evgeniya Hristakieva
Prof. Dr. Maria Ganeva
Prof. Dr. Razvigor Darlenski
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Karen Manoukian
Dr. Ivan Baldaranov
Dr. Tanya Gancheva
Dr. Zhenya Troeva-Hristova
Dr. Rositsa Lavcheva
Dr. Radostina Deliyska
Dr. Miroslav Dragolov
Dr. Gavrail Poterov
Dr. Alexander Kostov