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International Conference „Sea of Dermatology“
May 17-20, 2018, Burgas, Bulgaria


Scientific programme


Thursday, May 17th

Hotel Primorets, Ahelo Conference Hall


Session I

Bulgarian-German Dermatological Society

Moderators: Prof. E. Hristakieva. Prof. P. Elsner, Prof. K. Pramatarov

17:00–17:10      Introduction – E. Hristakieva / P. Elsner

17:10–17:30      Practice pearls – K. Pramatarov

17:30–17:50      Treatment of Scleroedema Adultorum Buschke: A Systematic Review – P. Elsner

17:50–18:10      Surgical treatment of melanoma malignum according to the amended AJCC classification (8th edition) – D. Antonov

18:10–18:30      Bulgarian-German collaboration in the treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa – R. Lavcheva

18:30–18:50     Prof. L. Popov (1891-1975): Intravenous trypan blue in the treatment of bullous dermatoses – N. Tsankov

18:50–19:10      Clinical cases:

PsAPASH syndrome with several comorbiditiеs – I. Naksho

Pseudoxanthoma elasticum – Uda Puzich

Das Stauungsekzem und Das Lanolin-Paradox – Ioanna Velevska

Ecthyma contagiosum – P. Kohl

Melanoma in situ in a case of neurofibromatosis with unusual presentation – M. Kacheva



Session II

Moderators: Prof. N. Tsankov, Prof. E. Hristakieva, Prof. G. Mateev

19:30–19:50      Official Opening of the Conference

19:50–20:10      The achievements of Bulgarian dermatology – N. Tsankov

20:10–20:30      Clinical and molecular biomarkers for hidradenitis suppurativa, diagnosis and treatment follow-up – Ch. Zouboulis


Friday, May 18th

Hotel Primorets, Ahelo Conference Hall


Dermatosurgery, theoretical part (in English)

Moderators: Prof. E. Hristakieva, Prof. P. Kohl

09:00–09:20      Dermatosurgical Instruments and Suture Materials – P. Kohl

09:20–09:40      Planning of Skin Surgery, Relaxed Skin Tension Lines (RSTL) and Aesthetic Units – K. Vogt

09:40–10:00      Local Anesthesia by Infiltration – K. Vogt

10:00–10:20      Simple Dermatosurgical Techniques (Curettage, Shave/Flat Excision, Incision, Punch Biopsy, Elliptical Excision) – U. Puzich

10:20–10:40      Methods of Hemostasis – K. Vogt

10:40–10:50      Discussion – All speakers


10:50–11:00      Coffee break


11:00–11:20      Skin Transplants and Skin Grafts – W. Hegenbarth

11:20–11:40      Advancement-, Rotation- and Transpostition- Flaps – W. Hegenbarth

11:40–12:00      Acne inversa Surgery – P. Kohl

12:00–12:20      Condylomata acuminata: Laser Surgery – K. Vogt

12:20–12:30      Discussion – All speakers


12:30–14:00      Lunch break


Session III

Moderators: Prof. E. Hristakieva, Prof. M. Trashlieva, Prof. R. Darlenski

14:00–14:20      Wound treatment with hydrofiber dressings – solutions fro ConvaTec – I. Yordanova

14:20–14:40      Topical treatments of chronic wounds – "from bench to bedside" – S. Nikolovska

14:40–15:00      Scars: Pathophysiology and treatment options – J. Fluhr

15:00–15:20      What connects HS and Alzheimer disease and if there is a connection, how can it be demonstrated in an understandable way for clinicians / dermatologists – I. Lefterov

15:20–15:40      Symposium Mylan

Treatment of acne in everyday practice – E. Hristakieva


15:40–15:50      Coffee break


Session IV

Moderators: Prof. E. Obreshkova, Prof. P. Troyanova, Prof. G. Gotsev

15:50–16:10      Skin metastasis from breast cancer – G. Gotsev

16:10–16:20      Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia successfully treated with cryotherapy – N. Bilyanovska

16:20–16:30      Herpes Zoster in Childhood – V. Matevska-Cifrevska

16:30–16:40      Follicular porokeratosis – rare dermatosis – I. Bezovska

16:40–17:00      Complications in dermatosurgery – P. Troyanova, E. Pavlova


Friday, May 18th

"Sea Casino" Culture Centre

Moderators: Prof. Peter Kohl, Wolfgang Hegenbarth, Karin Vogt, Uda Puzich, Rumen Hristov

 14:00–16:00      Practical course in dermatosurgery (for pre-registered participants)


Saturday, May 19th

Hotel Primorets, Ahelo Conference Hall


Session V

Moderators: Prof. M. Kadurina, Prof. J. Kazandjieva, Prof. R. Yankova

08:30–08:50      Rare variants of vascular tumors – J. Kazandjieva

08:50–09:10      Lasers in hyperpigmented lesions - risks and pitfalls – M. Kadurina

09:10–09:30      Medical and surgical treatment of HS, where do we stand now? – E. Prens


09:30–09:40        Coffee break


09:40–10:40      Symposium AbbVie – Together in the treatment of psoriasis as a systemic disease

Moderator: Prof. E. Hristakieva

Different patients. Different needs. One HUMIRA. – D. Gospodinov

Components of the cardio-vascular risk in psoriasis – A. Postadzhyan

10:40–11:20      Symposium Pierre Fabre

Moderators: Prof. E. Hristakieva, Prof. J. Kazandjieva

Prophylaxis of actinic keratoses and skin cancer. What's new in photoprotection by Avene – E. Hristakieva

Control of hyperhidrsis– J. Kazandjieva


11:20–11:30      Coffee break


11:30–13:00      Symposium Intellect Pharma – GUNA low-dose cytokines in dermatology – a modern physiological approach with proven efficacy and safety in the treatment of vitiligo and psoriasis.

GUNA low-dose cytokines in dermatology  – A. Perra

Case reports of patients, treated with GUNA low-dose cytokines – M. Kadurina, Zdr. Demerdzhieva, E. Hristakieva


13:00–14:20      Lunch break


Session VI

Moderators: Prof. D. Gospodinov, Prof. I. Binich, Prof. I. Yordanova

14:20–14:40      Surgical procedures in dermatology: CO2 and Erbium laser possibilities – I. Barteniev

14:40–15:00      Percutaneous collagen induction therapy in aesthetic dermatology – I. Binich

15:00–15:20      Lasers in esthetic dermatology, necessity or adding sugar in a honey – A. Petrov

15:20–15:40      Laser treatment of onychomycoses – R. Yankova


15:40–15:50      Coffee break


15:50–16:50      Symposium Novartis

Moderator: Prof. E. Hristakieva

Cosentyx® in resistant forms of psoriasis (nail psoriasis, scal psoriasisand palmo-plantar psoriasis) – data from clinical studies – R. Darlenski

The role of immunogenecity in long-term treatment efficacy. Data from 5-years of treatment with Cosentyx® – S. Vassileva

Influence of PASI on the response on quality of life in patients with psoriasis – G. Mateev

 16:50–17:10      Symposium La-Roche Posay

CeraVe: Restoring the skin barrier – mission possible – R. Darlenski 


17:10–17:20      Coffee break


Session VII 

Moderators: Prof. E. Hristakieva, Prof. S. Vassileva, K. Manuelyan

 17:20–17:40      Symposium Beiersdorf

EUCERIN DermoPURЕ – E. Hristakieva

 17:40–18:00      Symposium Bioderma

Biological innovations from BIODERMA, hand in hand with medication treatment in patients with acne – R. Darlenski

 18:00–18:40      Symposium UCB

How to improve the care for patients with urticaria – S. Vassileva

Clinical evidence on the benefits of Dioket treatment in venous-lymphatic deficiency – D. Petkov

Neauvia Organic – organic fillers from a new generation I. Atanasova

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